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Picky Vicky

Today started out as good as yesterday ended! I rode my bike (half an hour there, half an hour back) to the hotel where my mom and my grandmother were staying to have breakfast with them before they made their way back to Bremen, where my extended fam lives. This morning my breakfast was similar to Wednesday, but instead of fish I had some scrambled eggs! For some reason they tasted extra yummy! And I had a whole plate full of seaweed and ginger! SO good! Here is my plate half way through:

This made me realize that I’m not picky about many things when it comes to food. I will try pretty much anything, but there are a few things I am very picky about (not necessarily food related).

1) Apples

Even though apples are on the ‘you should buy this organic’ list, I like my Fuji-non-organic apple. I can’t help it. I can’t resist it’s red-green skin and it’s extreme juicy and crunchy-ness

2) Toilet paper

I’m a toilet paper snob. But really, who likes that thin paper that breaks when you wipe?! I like my Cottonelle! (and no, not because I can’t resist the puppy that advertises it…)

3) Gum

I am an Orbit kind of girl. It used to be Orbit Peppermint. Then I overdosed on that. So now it’s the unfortunately slightly more expensive Orbit Mist Peppermint Spray. It’s irresistibly good! And they don’t have it in Germany. And even the regular Orbit is SO different here. Not only in packaging (it makes a difference!) but also in taste! But my wonderful mommy brought me more Orbit Mist!! So now I have to be frugal with my gum for my last few weeks here!

The first pack of fourteen is already almost gone!

4) Milk

I like my Horizon Organic milk! Have you noticed that at Christmas time the cow holds a candy cane? After that, I was basically sold.

5) Nut Butter

It has to be organic/natural. You know, when you have to kind of stir it. None of that processed stuff for me!

I think that is it. What are you picky about?

Other than that, I did my laundry and finally got some studying done. I guess you could say it was a pretty successful day… With only *cough* a little bit *cough* of procrastination in the form of purple nail polish…

For dinner I was excited because I got spinach-ricotta ravioli from the organic supermarket in my building! I added some of my freshly grown basil for taste…

Don’t be fooled! It wasn’t very good 😦 I was very disappointed because it looked yummy!

Tonight I went to the theater with some friends. It is one of the best performances I have seen in a long time! The actors were amazing and seemed to really enjoy themselves (and it was a musical, so honestly, coming from a person who has been in many musicals, how can you not enjoy yourself?!). It was called Linie 2 in the GRIPS Theater. I have never seen anything else there, but if you understand German I would recommend at least looking in to it if you are going to be in Berlin! Afterwards we hit up the beer garden that was next door, from which I had to leave early because, oh right, I procrastinated earlier and now need to finish my work. I guess that is what I deserve as punishment!!

Peace out friends! I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July weekend with friends, family, and tons of good food!