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Christmas Cups and No Luck

I am sad to say that I still haven’t been able to fix my camera. I have, however, taken tons of pictures of lovely dishes that have come and gone, but I cannot share them yet! It has been a sad few weeks over here without being able to blog, so I decided to take some quick-pics on my phone and see where that gets me…

For example, despite not feeling the least bit Christmas yet, I hope that these wonderful cups Starbucks now has will get me in the mood by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

The quote reads: “My sister and I would just stare up at the sky, trying to see where the snowflakes were born.”

I can’t wait until it snows. Not that it will here, but I am such a little kid and would love it if it did!

Also, way back when I was on Fall Break, I bought this lovely dress! I’m not sure where to wear it to yet, but I do have a cocktail-kind-of-event coming up, so maybe it’s time to present this baby to the public! I have wanted a one-shoulder dress for the longest time!! (Sorry for this extremely bad quality!)

Speaking of Fall Break and Christmas, I was kind of appalled by the fact that when I was in the mall buying the above dress, they were putting up Christmas Decorations. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. BUT NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER. Anyone that knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. But October? Really? Halloween hadn’t even come yet AND the official season of summer had pretty much just ended! Not okay.

I hope everyone is having a good week! For those of us counting, only 35-ish more days until winter break!!

PS look at the surprise someone left on my bike the other day. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but thought it made for a nice pic nonetheless!



Alert alert! The cord that connects my camera to my computer has gone missing, hence the lack of posts lately! I will have a million fun things to share once it is found!

Home last weekend was wonderful, as only home can be, and this weekend is Homecoming Weekend AND Halloween! Does anyone have any fun halloween plans?! Any fun costume ideas? When my sister and I got too old for Trick-or-Treating, we used to play tricks on the neighbors. One year, she dressed up as a scarecrow (she stuffed her pants and shirt and wore a mask and hat) and sat down with a bowl of candy by the front door. We turned off all the lights and wrote “take one” on the bowl. She could see through the mask, so if there were little kids, she wouldn’t scare them, but if there were older kids, especially boys, she would grab their hand or yell “boo” as there were taking candy. I would have been terrified if that happened to me! But after that, our house was notorious for its tricks,  everyone always wanted to come and see what we had planned…

So, until further food picks are available, I wish you all a Happy (and only partially healthy) Halloween! What used to be your favorite candy to get while trick-or-treating?

Welcome to the Fair!

Until Sunday night, I had never been on a ferris wheel before. I know, crazy.

But those days are over! As my friend so nicely stated: My ferris wheel cherry has been popped!

I must say, the fair was quite an experience, and here is what I learned for next year:

Eat BEFORE I go or bring a snack. Not the ideal place for a vegetarian. Or for dessert. While it was fun watching my friends eat fried Oreos and fried Snickers bars, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. There was also fried macaroni and cheese, fried peach cobbler, fried Reese’s PB Cups, fried anything you can think of, probably.

The desserts were among many strange things that you can witness at the fair, which many of you who have been to state fairs probably know. Not only is it a superb place for people watching, but also for seeing strange animals. I didn’t actually go into these exhibits, but someone please tell me: is it really possible for there to be a cyclops-pig with a trunk on it’s forehead, a two-bodied dog, a six legged cow, a miniature cow, a zonkey (zebra and donkey mix, duh), and a miniature pony (and by that I mean as big as a bowling pin, which is what they claimed in their advertising)? I don’t think I believe it, but if one of you guys has witnessed something like this, by all means tell me! I’m dying to figure out the truth!

We ended the fair with a pretty amazing fireworks show. It went on for about 15 minutes! What is your favorite thing to do at the fair? I liked the ferris wheel, it’s cliché but true, and I also really liked the swings that take you up in the air and spin you around!

Yesterday I finished my loaf of pumpkin bread. That means I ate it (with some help, but not a lot) in a week. I feel like I need to practice self-control, but it’s just so good!

In other news, I’m HOME for FALL BREAK! Is anyone else taking some kind of a trip soon? I love trips! (Even if they are just to go home!) And I will have fun home pics and updates soon!

AP Bio, again?!

Okay, so you know how when you are done with high school and get all of your AP exams done, you get lots of credits upon your arrival in college and get to never take classes such as Math and Science ever again? Let’s just say I did a little celebration dance after I got my results back and realized that I had done well enough to be through with certain subjects forever. And things were running smoothly and I was cruising along through college, when I got a lovely e-mail from my academic advisor: “Dear Vicky, We are sorry to say that your IB Bio exam could not be counted as a credit for Chapel Hill. You will have to take another science with a lab.” I have been in college two years, and they couldn’t tell me that sooner ?! (IB = International Baccalaureate, basically the same thing as AP but is recognized internationally. Did anyone else go the the agony of this program?) So, now my kind mother, who is currently visiting (more on that later) has brought me my old AP Bio book so that I can study to take a test that may get me out of having to take a science next semester. I actually liked Bio, but enough is enough! And how’s that for two weeks left of this semester and right back to studying?!

Other than that my day was wonderful! It started out with overnight oats, of course.

And this juice. Best juice ever. Seriously the US needs to think about importing this or something. It’s multivitamin juice, and I live for this stuff when I am in Germany! It reminds me of my childhood, so maybe there’s a little nostalgia mixed in there, but it’s delicious!

After class I met my mom and grandmother (VEV = very excited Vicky) who came into town! Ishowed them around my university and then brought them back to see my apartment.

Then came dinner.

Look at this awesome restaurant! I was a horrible blogger and forgot my camera, but I tried to take cell phone pics for you!

And the view was on the Gendarmenmarkt! Beautiful.

For dinner I had herring tatar, which was heavenly. It came with “roesti” or potatoes, and cucumber salad. The herring tatar is that almost not visible little grey blob. Small but tastey!

My mom had the scampi salad with little balls of watermelon and ginger mixed in with the salad, which was also superb and looked so pretty! We also shared a portion of chanterelles!

While my mom doesn’t drink because ever since she had my sister and me she gets migraines from alcohol (how much does that suck!? The question is, should I be drinking my wine guilt-free?!), my grandmother and I enjoyed a glass of white wine.

And look at these fun champagne bottles I spotted along the walls! The middle one is dedicated to the World Cup that was in Germany in 2006! How fitting!

What do you love to do when you see your family again after a while?!

That’s all folks! It’s past my bedtime! I have to be fit to give my fam a tour of Berlin tomorrow! Good Night!

Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Hello loves!

I would dare to say that it might be as warm in Berlin as it is in Charlotte, NC. Maybe not quite as bad, but man, today I wished I could walk around naked. Well, not literally of course, but the t-shirt and shorts I had on were just too warm! And what is it with Germans wearing long pants and scarves All Of The Time. I’m not going to lie, I wear my scarves as long as possible because I have a little obsession and own about a million, but seriously, how do they not sweat?! And no shorts. And by no shorts, I mean people here literally wear no shorts. Dresses yes, capris (don’t know how I feel about that) yes, shorts NO. I’m still trying to figure out how they survive!

Mondays I have a really awkward class time frame from 12-4. This means no opportune lunch time. So instead, I have a late breaky and a fairly early dinner with a small snack in my 15 min break. Overnight oats this morning were unusually delicious.

Last week I thought I was getting tired of them (SHOCK!) but I realized it was because I ran out of my wonderful white almond butter and had yet to buy more because it is so expensive! But this morning, before pulling my oats out of the fridge, I indulged! Look at the smooth-almond-deluxe!

And for some reason I was in a crunchy-refreshing mood, so I cut up half of an apple to put in as well. Yummmm 😀

While I was at the store I also bought more Allos bars. This time they had them in all kinds of flavors, and I got Hazelnut, Cranberry, Mango, and Almond. When I got home from my “The Secret of the Film Script” class (a very cool class and interesting for my future Hollywood career… I joke… unfortunately) I ate two! (I was a little hungry by the time I got home!) Almond and Cranberry. I really liked the cranberry, which I wasn’t expecting because I often don’t like fruit bars like that, and the Almond was good as well, though it almost had a little too much of a ‘marzipan’ flavor. I enjoyed them with a frozen cappuccino that they sell at school! Perfect for the sweltering day!

I decided to concoct dinner with summertime staples: Lemonade mixed with my mini garden of mint leaves and LOTS of ice cubes!, white asparagus (one of my favorite things in the ENTIRE world, but unfortunately very hard to get in the US which is why I am enjoying it now!) mixed with pasta and tomatoes and ‘light’ mozzarella and of course my self-grown basil! It was gone in about 10 minutes.

I got a little bit cheese happy. Next time I’m going to go with a little less. But the white asparagus was sooooo good! (And I just realized the fork is on the wrong side… How unfancy of me!)

Then for dessert, a summer must: Watermelon!! My first this summer!

But as you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed it while dripping all over myself!

What are your summer staples?

Also, since I’ve been catching up on The Hills instead of writing essays and studying for upcoming exams, has anyone else noticed that Speidi haven’t been on The Hills in a really long time? Not that I’m complaining… But still weird. Are they off for good?

I hope everyone had a good Monday and is ready to tackle the rest of the week! I’m excited because my Mom is coming to visit tomorrow, and I haven’t seen her since March!

My Little Garden

‘ello loves!

Yesterday was a snacky day. I had class all day, which even a breakfast of overnight oats, fruit, and an iced cappuccino couldn’t make better. But I did meet up with friends at a park with a bottle of wine in the evening, which more than made up for it! Oh, and since I had been in class until 8 I ordered Indian from the restaurant at the corner of the park! I love Indian food. My favorite dish is Chicken Saagwala (chicken with spinach) and Naan. So good! When I worked in NYC I went to a place called Baluchi’s. I’ve never had better Indian. What’s your favorite foreign food?

The Leftovers! That means more for me later! (Sorry, not the most appetizing pic… 🙂 )

Look at the sunflower I bought two days ago to make my balcony-garden more colorful!

See those herbs hiding back there? Mint and basil (a little droopy…) I love mixing mint in my lemonade!

When I get back to college I’m moving into a house (!) and I want to try to have a little garden if I can!

Today I’m up bright and early to fly to Munich to visit a friend from boarding school that I haven’t seen in four years! Reunions are always so fun! I’ll give you all the Bavarian food deets when I get back! What are your weekend plans?

It’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend!