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Cocktails, Birthdays, and 5ks

First things first.

You should all know about a really important event in my life called Midnight Moonshine. It is a cocktail. And by cocktail I don’t mean fancy short dress, pretty hair, and high heels. This is a special type of cocktail with a Country theme. So replace the fancy dress with a camo (and or plaid) shirt and denim shorts, the pretty curls with a cowboy hat, and the high heels with some cowboy boots.

Needing some R&R after a long night out (you will come to know that I am often a grandma and like getting to bed on time!) and after a busy week, I continued the weekend in the following fashion:

Friday – Do Nothing Day [aka lounging around, riding my bike, eating pumpkin bread, and watching The Holiday (I LOVE THIS MOVIEā€”I promise when I finally get over having long hair I am going to cut it like Cameron Diaz’s is in this movie. Also, I don’ think there is anything cuter than Jude Law in this film.)]

Saturday – Brunch with my friend from high school! We had pumpkin bread (obviously), fresh fruit (kiwis, mango, strawbs, blubes, and raspberries), and she made french toast. I am ashamed to admit that I have spent most of my life without eating french toast, and was quite surprised! I don’t think I would like it if there was a bunch of sugar on top, or if she had put maple syrup on top, but she made hers really well and so it was quite enjoyable with some berries on top! Afterwards I went to read LADY AUDLEY’S SECRET by Mary Elizabeth Braddon at Caribou for my 19th Century British Lit Class. I really like it so far, plus Caribou was having a 50% off day for anyone wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! So my small skim latte was only $1 and a few cents! And finally, I ended the day by going to my friend’s 22nd birthday bash.

Sunday (so far) – I ran the Heels4Hope 5k this morning! Okay, I walked and ran a 5k this morning. It was perfect, because I got to chat with my friend Megan who was doing it with me! There is another 5k in November that I am planning on running, but this morning it just wasn’t happening.

The race started at UNC’s famous Bell Tower. Look at that Carolina Blue Sky!

We followed our accomplished ‘run’ with a stop at Starbucks. And look at all the goodies I got after the race!

I’ve never been a huge fan of protein bars for some reason, but I am going to try them. And I got some Fuel cereal, which I’ve never seen before, some face wash (random…), and some Dole Real Fruit Bites! There was also some fruit out for runners (and walkers) after the race!

Tonight I’m going to the North Carolina State Fair! I’m very excited!

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

Is anyone still a child like me and says Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit when they wake up on the first of the month? I’ve been doing it so long that for some reason I can’t not do it! Do you have any other superstitions? Whether you said it or not, here’s to having a good month!

This morning my overnight oats were kind of a bust. My white almond butter was out, so I used normal almond butter, which was fine, but I also decided to add some chocolate nut butter because so many people had been blogging about it and it sounded so tasty! So I got this dark chocolate kind because I like to think that that was healthier, and the combination of all of it together just wasn’t good šŸ˜¦ So instead I ate a banana that I Ā had put in the freezer last night and topped it with almond butter.

It was good, but I wish I had a mixer so that I could have made banana soft serve. Oh the joys of being home in a month and a half and having a mixer again! So now I am just looking forward to tomorrow morning because I get to go to the hotel again for breakfast!

My class this morning was cancelled, so I had made it my goal to study for exams next week, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just sat around and got ready for my class from four to eight. So as you can tell, it wasn’t a very fun day until tonight!!

Since I had been snacking all day (which I don’t really like doing, but today was that kind of day) and didn’t get out of class till late I wasn’t very hungry, but I did meet my mom and grandmother for a drink at their hotel. It was called Absolutely and was a mixture of Absolute raspberry, and tropical fresh fruit juices and was very tasty! I rode my bike there, which was a nice way to get some fresh air after spending a day inside and in class.

And afterwards came the best part! I got an impromptu call from a friend who was gathering people to hang out in the park by the Berliner Dom for some wine or beer. While I didn’t want to drink, just sitting there was so much fun! And look at the view we had!! (I didn’t take this pic or the next one because my battery was empty…but if you click on the pic it will take you to the source!)

And then I had about a 3o or 40 mintues bike ride home which was such a nice way to end the evening. It was kind of late and there were some strange people out so I peddled pretty quickly, but I still enjoyed it! I felt so German because I had a dress on and Germans are so good at biking in dresses and skirts, without flashing the world! And on the way home I got to ride through the lit up Ā Brandenburg Gate! Beautiful!

So the night ended up making up for the somewhat boring and tedious day of classes and sitting around procrastinating.

But for the most important question: Who went to go see Twilight?! This is where I have to admit something criminal: I’m boycotting Twilight. Did you just gasp in horror? It’s true. But, I do love Harry Potter and will rejoice with everyone when the movie comes out in November!!!