About Me!


I decided to start this blog to not only document my travels, one of my biggest passions, but also to start a new phase in my life. Being healthy.

My family has always been pretty healthy, thanks to my mom’s wonderful cooking skills. My mom and sister, especially, are always conscious of what is healthy. And the benefits of a family that loves to travel is that I was introduced to foreign foods relatively early, cultivating my taste buds to like almost anything! But there is one tiny problem. When I was a kid, we never had sweets in the house, because 1) my mom wanted us to be healthy or 2) they were hidden somewhere because if kept out in the open, they would be gone as soon as my dad came home from work. So needless to say, the lack of sweets caused me to develop a love for chocolate, cookies, and other unhealthy snacks. I never ate them en mass, but it was always nice when I started going to the grocery store on my own and could buy a batch of cookies to bake.

In September 2009 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and since then she has made it her resolution to eat even healthier.  She uses Cooking with Foods That Fight Cancer and Foods to Fight Cancer: Essential foods to help prevent cancer, both by Richard Beliveau and Denis Gingras, and Anti Cancer: A new way of life, by David Servan-Schreiber to concoct most of her meals now. Not only are the recipes delicious (at least the ones I’ve tried in the short periods that I have been home) but I feel less stuffed and feel like I have good digestion (sorry for that, but let’s face it, it’s important!). My mom has chemo, surgery, and radiation behind her, and is doing well!

And since I have had my issues with weight, like so many other girls and women, I have made it my resolution to join her in her healthy lifestyle. So this blog is dedicated not only to my every day life and travels, but also to yummy recipes and healthy living!

What else about me?

I speak German fluently because my parents are from Germany, but I grew up in the US. I’m lucky that I get to visit my family, most of whom still live in Europe, every summer.

I go to UNC-Chapel Hill.

I love reading and dogs, but HATE buttons (the kind that are on blouses, not the ones that are on jeans). Weird thing to hate, right?

If at all possible, I have to eat fruit for breakfast, and in the winter it is always a grapefruit.

I went to boarding school in Switzerland for a year in 10th grade.

I love to act. So. Much.

I can’t think of anything else for now!


7 responses to “About Me!

  1. i am so sorry about your mom, girl. my mom was diagnosed in 2005, and i can only imagine how it was for you. how amazing that she inspired such a healthy life for you!

    i know god will use you to teach others how to take care of themselves, too. you are amazing!

    ps – GO TARHEELS! 🙂

  2. So many interesting experiences! I love to act, too! I was very into drama club and just found some old videos of our productions last week…too funny! Looking forward to reading more!

    • I found some old videos a few months ago too and they are so fun to look at! And kind of hilarious!!

  3. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Definitely try the blueberry oatmeal- it’s good stuff!
    I really like your blog! So cool to see all the places you are traveling to and food you are eating there! I’m so jealous though, I desperately want to travel around Europe. Maybe someday!

  4. So glad you found my blog so I could find yours! Love reading about fellow travellers… I have been all over Europe but somehow have NOT made it to Germany yet (gasp!) but I must make it there soon! Good luck with the World Cup 🙂 that last game was pretty embarassing for England…

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog! That is so great that you are joining your mom in her healthy lifestyle. I was happy to read that she is doing well!!

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