Right When You Thought I’d Given Up…



Please excuse my long absence. I will make up for it with awesome new recipes! As my last post may remind you, I was media fasting, and yes, I admit I have been back in the real world for a while, but life has been crazy! I got back to the USA from my time abroad in Germany, had a few days at home to see friends and family, and then made the road trip back to college!

I loved being in Germany. It’s a second home to me since I have so much family over there. BUT BEING BACK IS AMAZING! I missed my home, my friends, my food, and yes, even my school.  Dorothy may have sounded corny when she said this, but was definitely right: There is no place like home.

Right before I came back, my mom and I went to a health clinic in southern Germany. That was where the picture of the sailboats was from on my last post. It was wonderful. I basically lived off of fennel and a variety of other vegetables, received awesome recipes, lost a few pounds that I had gained (although I hate to admit it) from study abroad, and exercised again, something I sorely missed during my travels. I took cooking classes, turned vegetarian (kind of: I still eat organic meat (mostly chicken) or local meat (again, usually by meat I mean chicken) and I also still eat fish, because let’s face it, I love my weekly does of Salmon and Omega-3), went hiking in the Alps, baked bread, learned how to meditate, and met royalty from Saudi Arabia! I don’t think I have ever been that healthy in my life, because there were doctors and nurses and anyone else you can imagine who can aid you in healthy living.

Here are some highlights in pictures:

One of many delicious meals with an abundance of nutrients but only around 200 calories!

The bread I baked!

My new breakfast staple. Sorry overnight oats, you have moved out of the way for this bad boy. 2 or three Tablespoons of nonfat plain yogurt, flax seed oil or ground flax seeds for the all important omega-3, any type of season fruit (I am currently filling bowl with the last available peaches from the farmer’s market), one tablespoon of oats (yes, while at the clinic I even ground the oats myself!), 5 almonds or a different kind of nut you may like, and one third mushed banana mixed in. DELICIOUS. Unfortunately I will have to give this up soon since summer starting to turn into fall and I will be craving warm oatmeal again.

Hiking in the Alps!

Light Painting with some new friends!

Yes, it was a successful end to the summer. Shortly after returning to the States, my sister and I were finally reunited, and we had a party with our friends. First order of business? Trying out one of my new recipes from the health place! Homemade Vegetarian Spring Rolls! So incredible. I definitely recommend them for any party you are planning to host. And a little selfish side note: everyone will complement you, because no one expects you to home-make spring rolls!

(Sorry this is blurry. My camera is broken. But they are supposed to be sesame seeds roasting away!)

An amalgam of vegetables on the stove!

They may not look impressive, but just wait until you taste them! I will post the recipe tomorrow!

And now I am back at college. I am living off campus this semester, which I am loving because I have a kitchen to continue my cooking, GM-making, oatmeal-eating habits! And I still have Germany partly with me because I ride my bike to school everyday like a true European! It’s actually a nice ride that helps me cool off in the afternoon and wakes me up in the morning. I start the day off feeling like I did something!

And probably the best thing about being back? FRIENDS! I love them all!

This is us before a cocktail! That’s me in the white dress and yes, you recognized correctly. The second on the right is Megan from The Oatmeal Diaries! Reunited at long last! Check out her post from a few week ago! That was the tasty meal we made together! Homemade humus and guac plus some freshly baked break = good friday afternoon!

Okay, that was long, but necessary to catch you up on my life! More regular updates are once again coming!


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