Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night

So, you know how some nights, no matter what you do, are just good nights?

I had one of those. Since my time in Berlin is coming to an end I am trying to to everything that I can to enjoy the last few days. And it’s not easy, because not only do I have to finished three essays and find time to have fun with friends, but it is about 100 degrees and there is no air conditioning. Yes I had to make that italic and bold because it is almost not doable! (Or maybe I’m  just a wimp…) I took an hour long bath yesterday to cool down and literally while I was still drying and walking around in my underwear I was sweating again. It’s like freshman year of college when I got the crappiest dorm on campus and there was no air conditioning. That and North Carolina’s humid summers and walking up ten million hills (okay not quite that many) to class do not match. And here trying to write three essays when I am sticking to my furniture is not okay either. So where do I spend my day? Good old Starbucks! Because it is American and I therefore knew that there had to be air conditioning! And I actually work well in Starbucks because I study there at home sometimes so it has an “efficient” vibe to it. Although I wrote four pages, about one third of one paper, I realized that I was completely out of ideas and had nothing else to write. Don’t you hate that?! I hope by tomorrow my brain will be refreshed!! And I had downed my iced coffee in the first 5 minutes, so the whole time I was craving another one! But I held it together and just popped a piece of my yummy Orbit Mint Peppermint Spray! You all know how much I like that 🙂

For a little cool off when I got home I ate this wonderful mix of greek yogurt, frozen berries (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and ribes. Ribes are very common in Germany, but I have no idea about the US…), a shot of milk, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Mmmm. ( I realize that this may not look appitizing, but oh it was!)

But now to the night. I went to my godmother’s, who you all know well from this post and this post, and we had such a nice dinner on her balcony. We talked for four hours and the weather finally did us a favor and turned into a cool night so we even stopped sweating!! And then, to make up for some missed birthdays and Christmases (which wasn’t at all necessary) she told me she was going to sew me two pillow cases and a skirt!! She is very talented, and wears her own skirts all of the time and they are simply adorable. When she finishes and sends it to me I will post a picture! Look at her fabrics!

And although I didn’t take any pics because I was so busy enjoying that I forgot, the food was so refreshing. Perfect summer meal. Tomato and mozzarella salad topped with basil, cantaloupe with prosciutto, and fresh veggies with homemade sauce. She even gave me the rest of the sauce and veggies to eat tomorrow, so I will take it pic then! In the past few weeks have you had a really good night, even if it was just reading or relaxing?

And lastly, I am having so much trouble commenting on everyone’s blogs, so I am really sorry! I have no idea if it is my horrible internet connection or what, but I’m really sorry if I haven’t been commenting! Does anyone else have this kind of a problem/ know how to fix it??

Buenas Noches friends! I am about to go to bed and am sweating again because it is SO HOT. Where is my air conditioning?! Or perhaps just a fan?! Oh the things I look forward to in America!


8 responses to “Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night

  1. WOW! the textile freak in me would love to grab a bunch of those fabrics and start creating!! haha

    the internet pisses me off.. i usually have to deal with it cuz i have no idea how to fix it. yup lol back to america and it’ll all be working again.. same with air conditioning lol.

    tonight IS gonna be a good night ❤ ❤

  2. Sara @

    BLEH no air conditioning SUCKS!! Good call on the Starbucks, though – for air conditioning AND paper writing. I HATE writing papers, which is dumb since I’m a journalism major, English minor, and write a blog.

    Mmm, prosciutto and cantaloupe sounds heavenly.

  3. Don’t apologize for not commenting!!!!!!!! Enjoy the rest of your time there. Glad you had fun with your daddy-o. No AC? I’m not sure I could do it 🙂

  4. No air?!?! Oh my! Good idea about studying at Starbucks…that’s exactly what I would have done! Good luck with the paper writing!

  5. Those fabrics are fab!

    To answer your smokey eye question. This is what my friend who does makeup told me to do.

    using your fingers swipe a darkbrown, charcoal or plum eye shadow to your lids. beginning at the lash line up to the crease. I find fingers work easier to smudge in the small area.

    line the lash line with a dark eyeliner.

    quick and easy smokey eye that i swore by in college!
    Basically, all you do is line your lids with a black pencil and dust charcoal, black or dark brown eye shadow all the way around your eyes and up to the crease—no blending needed. sometimes i`d put silver shimmer in the corner.

    let me know if this helps!

    have a fab night!


  6. Hooraay for Starbz! I went there today actually, big surprise. And your godmother sounds awesome! P.S. LESS THAN A MONTH NOW

  7. woww so hot! SC is hot too but our a/c works just fine!! hope you find a way to coool down 🙂

  8. The heat and humidity sounds miserable. I guess I should count myself as lucky that it never really breaks 60 F here? xD

    I’m glad you were able to knock out some essay work. Don’t worry, you’ll find new ideas once you sleep on it, and your writer’s block will be gone once you start writing again! 😀 -sends positive vibes your way-

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