Nuernberg Weekend Recap #1

I had a wonderful weekend in Nuernberg! I met up with my High School teacher/now friend for lunch on Friday after I arrived, and it was so great to have a little bit of Charlotte in Germany for an afternoon! Then I met up with my Dad and we did a long walking tour through the city on Saturaday. Actually, it wasn’t that long, but it was sweltering outside, so it seemed long! Plus we stopped in every church, there are A LOT, so it took a while!! But I definitely recommend Nuerberg to anyone who is going to be in Bavaria and is looking to travel around. A weekend is enough to see the Alt Stadt, or old city, which is beautiful. And Nuernberg is known for having the best Christmas Market in Germany, so if you happen to be here for Christmas time I beg you go and tell me how it is!! I would be be forever jealous! But I would definitely recommend going to the St. Lorenz Church, which is beautiful, but also the smaller churches. Often they have pictures of how destroyed they were during the war and if you see that and then look at it now, it is really incredible how much has been done! And the medieval castle wasn’t damaged at all, so definitely go up there to enjoy the wonderful view from the tower!

Frauen Kirche—Church of Our Lady

Schoener Brunnen—literally means Beautiful Fountain!

St. Lorenz Kirche

and on the inside…

outside of the St. Sebaldus and the restaurant in which we ate!

My dad had this famous Nuernberger Sausages! (I had eaten them the day before for lunch with my teacher/friend, so I didn’t eat anything this time.)

How the above St. Sebaldus Church looked after WWII

We finally reached the Kaiserburg…but still had the tower-climb ahead of us!

…such a hard walk up! Okay, okay, it was only 112 steps, but it was so hot!

…but worth it!

Picture from the Castle wall onto the castle!!

And before leaving, of course my Dad and I built our own little castle:

We are such kids!

Famous German Fachwerk Haeuser. I think these are so pretty. They are often also found in Eastern Germany.

And then I decided, of all the museums we could go into, to go to the Toy Museum, because Nuernberg is known for toy manufacturing!! And look at all these wonderful doll kitchens from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Seriously? If only I had a kitchen that was this nice!! And the dishes!! So cute!

This one even had a stove that you could actually cook on and a sink you could actually watch the dishes in!! Love it! Minus the fact that the doll is a little creepy… And the fact that girls were given these kitchens to get an early practice to housework. What the rest of their lives would be like…

And I had so much food!! If I had stretchy pants, I would have come back with them on…  Lots of good eats coming your way, but it is my bed time and the pics take forever to upload with my slow internet!

With love from the country whose World Cup team has been in the top four the most out of any other! And Congrats Spain! World Champs!


5 responses to “Nuernberg Weekend Recap #1

  1. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    I climbed those stairs too 🙂 it was so much fun!! Looks like an awesome weekend!

  2. Beautiful pics! Hope you’re having a blast. Can’t wait to see the food pics 🙂

  3. carascravings

    Everything is so gorgeous!
    I love old architecture.

  4. i cant figure out what looks better- the toy museum with the mini furniture or the SAUSAGES!!! ❤ ❤

  5. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your dad and your teacher! How fun. 😀

    Dude, doll houses! I LOVE doll houses! I actually googled that museum just now and I want to go now. xD I guess if I’m ever in Germany, I know what to see. Hehe.

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