Momma Love

Hi, my name is Vicky, and I love my Mommy!

Tonight I had the best convo with my mom. Aren’t those the best? It was just one of those days, and she was the perfect person to talk to!

And guess what else? Exams are over!! Wooooo Freedoom! Well, almost. I have two more long essays to write. But I plan to do at least one on the long train ride to Nuernberg tomorrow! Where I’m meeting my Dad! My family is all over the place.

Story time:

So, we all live in Charlotte, NC, usually. But my sister, Veronica (we have the same initials and because I am younger by 18 months I get called Veronica ALL of the time. But seriously Veronica and Victoria? Is that a joke?! Does anyone else have an older sister and got called by her name ALL of the time?!), studies in Switzerland (like legit, not study abroad), I’m in Chapel Hill (how boring in comparison, right!?) and my parents just chill at home. But right now I’m studying abroad in Germany (duh) and my sister has in internship in Thailand (are you asking yourself why she isn’t the one with the blog?!) And when my parents aren’t chilling at home they are visiting us orย my Dad is on a business trip to Germany. Which, as luck may have it, is this weekend so I am going to go see him! And what is even better is one of my high school teachers (yes I am that person who still meets up with my teachers after I graduated because it’s fun!) has a German boyfriend so she is there right now too so I get to have lunch with her! How cool is that?!

Are you still with me?

Something less complicated? I love riding trains. The German ICE is pretty much amazing. So fast. So sleek. So comfortable. So much pretty, green German country side to be seen!

That is all for today. No food pics. Sorry!! All the exams threw me off! And I also apologize because I can’t comment of some of y’all’s blogs! I don’t know why, but whenever I comment, it doesn’t appear! Does anyone know what to do about that? Either way, if I couldn’t comment,I tried to reply to a comment you left on my blog! I swear I’m not, not reading!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! And Nuernberg food pics to come!


8 responses to “Momma Love

  1. Goshhhh I can’t wait to visit Germany in October! I’ve never been anywhere, but it sounds as thought your family is quite well-traveled ๐Ÿ™‚

    What’s your favorite food in Germany that I have to try when I visit??

  2. Girl, Chapel Hill is an awesome area! Not boring at all. Plus you’re in Germany!!

  3. congrats on being done w/ exams!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ive heard all about those trains!! its like a rollercoaster!! i wanna go i wanna go i wanna go!

    YES! no more exams!!! โค

  5. When I was growing up, my dad would list off all his daughters’ (and sometimes sons!) names before finally calling off the right one. I just got used to answering when he yelled for one of his children, no matter what the name. xD

    Congrats on your freedom from exams! I’m glad you have such a close bond with your mom and family. =)

  6. carascravings

    My sister and I always get mixed up…everyone thinks we are twins…though she is 5 years older then I am…maybe a compliment to her and an insult to me? No, it’s great!

  7. Vicky my love! I’m so happy your exams are over!! And my sister alwayssss complains about getting called Megan. Oops. Also.. tell your sis to get a blog! Yours would still be my favorite though ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    OMG you guys have an awesome family ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved traveling with mine!!

    CONGRATS on finishing up exams, missy!!!! Also, my dad always calls me by EVERYONE’S name. His sister, my mom, my sister, my cousin, my cousin’s wife…. etc. It’s weird. He’s only known me for 25 years now ๐Ÿ™‚

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