Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Hello loves!

I would dare to say that it might be as warm in Berlin as it is in Charlotte, NC. Maybe not quite as bad, but man, today I wished I could walk around naked. Well, not literally of course, but the t-shirt and shorts I had on were just too warm! And what is it with Germans wearing long pants and scarves All Of The Time. I’m not going to lie, I wear my scarves as long as possible because I have a little obsession and own about a million, but seriously, how do they not sweat?! And no shorts. And by no shorts, I mean people here literally wear no shorts. Dresses yes, capris (don’t know how I feel about that) yes, shorts NO. I’m still trying to figure out how they survive!

Mondays I have a really awkward class time frame from 12-4. This means no opportune lunch time. So instead, I have a late breaky and a fairly early dinner with a small snack in my 15 min break. Overnight oats this morning were unusually delicious.

Last week I thought I was getting tired of them (SHOCK!) but I realized it was because I ran out of my wonderful white almond butter and had yet to buy more because it is so expensive! But this morning, before pulling my oats out of the fridge, I indulged! Look at the smooth-almond-deluxe!

And for some reason I was in a crunchy-refreshing mood, so I cut up half of an apple to put in as well. Yummmm 😀

While I was at the store I also bought more Allos bars. This time they had them in all kinds of flavors, and I got Hazelnut, Cranberry, Mango, and Almond. When I got home from my “The Secret of the Film Script” class (a very cool class and interesting for my future Hollywood career… I joke… unfortunately) I ate two! (I was a little hungry by the time I got home!) Almond and Cranberry. I really liked the cranberry, which I wasn’t expecting because I often don’t like fruit bars like that, and the Almond was good as well, though it almost had a little too much of a ‘marzipan’ flavor. I enjoyed them with a frozen cappuccino that they sell at school! Perfect for the sweltering day!

I decided to concoct dinner with summertime staples: Lemonade mixed with my mini garden of mint leaves and LOTS of ice cubes!, white asparagus (one of my favorite things in the ENTIRE world, but unfortunately very hard to get in the US which is why I am enjoying it now!) mixed with pasta and tomatoes and ‘light’ mozzarella and of course my self-grown basil! It was gone in about 10 minutes.

I got a little bit cheese happy. Next time I’m going to go with a little less. But the white asparagus was sooooo good! (And I just realized the fork is on the wrong side… How unfancy of me!)

Then for dessert, a summer must: Watermelon!! My first this summer!

But as you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed it while dripping all over myself!

What are your summer staples?

Also, since I’ve been catching up on The Hills instead of writing essays and studying for upcoming exams, has anyone else noticed that Speidi haven’t been on The Hills in a really long time? Not that I’m complaining… But still weird. Are they off for good?

I hope everyone had a good Monday and is ready to tackle the rest of the week! I’m excited because my Mom is coming to visit tomorrow, and I haven’t seen her since March!


14 responses to “Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

  1. MMM watermelon! I can’t believe it’s your first this summer….I eat it so much that I’m pretty sure I’m going to turn into a watermelon by the end of the summer 😉

    My summer staples are fruits and veggies. ALL THE TIME!

  2. I love homegrown basil- so yummy! I agree, definitely a summer staple.

    And as for Speidi… they got kicked off because of Spencer’s bizarro behavior. I think he threatenen to hurt/kill a producer?

  3. I want some of that almond butter sooo badly! Stop taunting me!! And your lemonade looks so lovely and professional. Also I have been keeping up the The Hills (it’s the only show I watch, it’s trash, I love it) and am actually really happy that Speidi have been absent. Have fun with your mommy tomorrow!!!

  4. Monique@She's Going The Distance

    I don’t watch the hills, but I hear they’re breaking up. True, untrue??

    haha, looks like a good summer meal!

  5. That all looks so yummy! Your lemonade looks so cool and refreshing. 😀

    I hope you and your mom have a nice visit!

  6. Tomato + mozzarella + basil is the best combination ever!

    My summer staples are berries and corn on the cob.

  7. Fresh herbs…mmmm….that lemonade looks divine! In the summer, I like anything that cooks on a grill – corn, zucchini, sqaush, onions, peppers. Yum!

  8. you are too adorable munching away on your watermelon!! this totally gets my into a summer vibe ❤

    … isnt it worth all the stickiness 🙂 hehe

  9. I’m so glad you found my blog! I love reading through yours 🙂 Teaching high schoolers is the best. They’re mature enough to relate to you, think (somewhat) critically, and still have all the crazy drama mixed in with great stories to tell! I’m such a high school nerd…I drag my husband to football games and to chaperone dances 🙂 I absolutely recommend it (especially because it’s summer break, at least when summer school is over in 2 days!). Thanks again for the comment, and good luck w/ the English major!

  10. I used to be so into the hills back in the day, but that show as just went off the deep end for me!

    Also that little drink looks so yummy. The only think I could think to make it better would be a little splash of alcohol 😉 Perfect summer treat!

    • I definitely agree about The Hills. Now I just use it as a method of procrastination… 🙂 And yes, next time there may or may not be a splash of alcohol in my drink…!

  11. Seeing your watermelon reminds me of the huge one I have on my kitchen floor that I need to take care of. Lemonade with mint brilliant idea!


  12. That pasta looks so yummy!

    Loving the watermelon and lemonade with mint. YUM! Watermelon is definitely a summertime staple around our house!

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