Lederhosen, Beer, just a typical Bavarian weekend

To greet you in a typical Bavarian way: Servus and Grüß Gott!

I hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did! I went to see a friend in Munich that I hadn’t seen since my boarding school years four years ago! And what’s even better than a reunion is a reunion that feels like no time has gone by! Don’t you love friendships like that?!

I have a whole food collage coming for you guys, because guess what I did? A culinary city-tour of Munich. Yes, it’s true! It was amazing!! But I want to share my culinary tracks with you from the start to the end of my trip!

My lunch on Friday consisted of this tasty little fellow:

Smoked Salmon on a “broetchen” (what German’s call their rolls, which, by the way, are AMAZING) with a slice of egg and an “Apfelschorle,” my favorite drink when I’m in Germany! (Apple juice with sparkling water!)

That night in Munich my friend, Julia, took me to an Freibier Fest! Basically, it means Free Beer, and who says ‘no’ to that!? All you have to do is buy a big mug, and then you can get as much beer as you want!! So we got our beer, but because we were hungry for some good Bavarian food, we headed up the hill to a nice little beer garden, “Bräustüberl Weihenstephan!”

I had a very Bavarian meal: Rahmschwammerl mit Semmelknödel. I wish I could translate, but translating from the Bavarian accent to normal German to English is just kind of impossible… But I can tell you one thing: Delicious.

See my beer mug in the back?! I even got to keep it!

Unfortunately there was a thunderstorm right after we finished, so, drenched from head to foot from the walk back down to the Freibier Fest, we got another beer and headed home.

Saturday. The day of the culinary tour through the Haidhausen section of Munich! First stop: Cafe Solo, where we got to try a fresh homemade spinach-gorgonzola-pear quiche that was absolutely divine. I was already full, but the next few stops were just too irresistible to resist! Next stop, Metzgerei Vogl (a family owned meat store). Now I’m not the biggest meat eater, but the “Wurst-Salat” or sausage salad (sounds appetizing, right?…) was also really good. In between stops we heard some historical info and saw some pretty Munich scenery:

Munich Townhall. One of my favorite buildings ever.

Pretty Square!

Now for the next culinary taster: from the Spanish and Latin American restaurant La Almendra. I had this bad boy:

If I had any idea what is was, I would love to share, but whatever it was, all I can say is fan-tas-tic. Lots of yummy South American / Latin-American goods to buy!

This stop was followed by Käs-Müller, a cheese and wine shop. Again, love the inside!

First taster: Obatzter. A very typical Bavarian beer garden cheese that is mixed with peppers, butter, cheese, and onions and eaten with a “Brezen” or a type of soft pretzel. Not the biggest fan because it is very heavy, but the small portion we got was just right.

And then another Wurst Salat, perfectly seasoned:

In the fabulous weather that we had, the next stop was perfect: Il Gelato italiano. For a second I felt like I was in Italy, with this home made Stracciatella-Rasberry flavor. I’m usually not a fan of the fruit mixed with the creamy, but this was another hit.

And finally (I was SO full by this point) the last, and arguably the best stop, Café Wölfl. I had to take two pictures, because all of the cakes looked so good. I got to taste the Apricot Streusel. Superb. And we got to meet Mr. Woelfl!

I recommend every single one of these places, so if you are ever in Munich, GO! We followed the mass-eating tour with a fairly long walk through Munich, with a stop at a black and white photography gallery. I took a black and white photography course last summer, so it was really interesting to see. And then we stopped by the park, where there is a wave in the river where people surf! In the middle of Munich!

Saturday night we went to see Hamlet at the Volkstheater. I was excited because it’s my favorite Shakespeare, but the production was ‘comme si comme ça’, so-so. Too modern for a Shakespeare in my opinion.

This morning we walked around Julia’s university in Freising, near Munich. Look at this adorable town. How enchanting!

And these flowers! It was like I was in Candy Land!

After a sad goodbye, and the hope that not another four years will pass before we see each other again, I arrived in Berlin. Just in time for, what else but the Germany vs England game! CONGRATS to Allemania!! People are still going crazy outside! What a game!! Finally the boys played well again!

I thought this image was great. The ruined church from WWII with German flags in celebration in front! How things have changed!

Off to celebrate a German Victory!!

Peace out friends!


10 responses to “Lederhosen, Beer, just a typical Bavarian weekend

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I’m thrilled to discover yours. It’s so fascinating to read about your life. Are you currently living in Germany? That’s too cool! 😀

    Hah, I totally read the Baby-Sitter’s Club growing up. I think I related to Claudia the best, though in reality, I’m more of a Dawn now but with the shyness of Mary Anne. =P

  2. omg I loooooooooved Munich when I visited there a few years back!! 🙂 The food there was so different to me, but also so awesome!

    And gelato?!?!? My FAVORITE 🙂 great find!

    Have fun watching the rest of the World Cup!

  3. Ahh super jealous of your culinary tour! Especially the gelato!! And did you take that b&w surfing picture? That’s so crazy that people just surf right there. Obvi you’re having tons of fun but I still can’t wait for you to come home!!

    • I thought of you because there were two italians in front of my on the plane chatting away while I was eavesdropping to test how good my skills were. Not so good… haha and yes I took the b&w pick!! I had it in normal color too, but this looked more professional 😀

  4. Sounds like a great day with lots of great food. I love how that smoked salmon dish looks, and that cheese shop. I could easily go through a tasting of all those cheeses.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Wow, I’m so jealous. I have never been out of the states. Horrible, right??!

    Free beer? I want! How exciting to try all those new places!

  6. Fun pictures! That gelato looks absolutely delish!

    have a fabulous night! xo

  7. Broetchen is one of my favorite things from Germany! We have a German bakery nearby and they come so close to tasting like the original!

    Your pics are just beautiful! It’s making me want to go back again!

  8. i never really realized HOW fantastic the food there would be. omg that gelato.. out of this world, no gelato here could compare. mmm CHOCOLATE SHOP! ❤

  9. the chocolate shop looks beyond amazing!! And I love all the architecture there! Im soups jealous of you eating your way through Munich

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