My Little Garden

‘ello loves!

Yesterday was a snacky day. I had class all day, which even a breakfast of overnight oats, fruit, and an iced cappuccino couldn’t make better. But I did meet up with friends at a park with a bottle of wine in the evening, which more than made up for it! Oh, and since I had been in class until 8 I ordered Indian from the restaurant at the corner of the park! I love Indian food. My favorite dish is Chicken Saagwala (chicken with spinach) and Naan. So good! When I worked in NYC I went to a place called Baluchi’s. I’ve never had better Indian. What’s your favorite foreign food?

The Leftovers! That means more for me later! (Sorry, not the most appetizing pic… 🙂 )

Look at the sunflower I bought two days ago to make my balcony-garden more colorful!

See those herbs hiding back there? Mint and basil (a little droopy…) I love mixing mint in my lemonade!

When I get back to college I’m moving into a house (!) and I want to try to have a little garden if I can!

Today I’m up bright and early to fly to Munich to visit a friend from boarding school that I haven’t seen in four years! Reunions are always so fun! I’ll give you all the Bavarian food deets when I get back! What are your weekend plans?

It’s Friday! Enjoy your weekend!


4 responses to “My Little Garden

  1. Have fun in Munich! And I love your little garden. I think the sunflower is my favorite! They used to be my favorite flower when I was little! (and by that I mean there was a whole month-long span of time when I refused to answer to anything but Marisol which means sunflower in spanish)

  2. Pretty pretty sunflower! My garden is seriously on the brink of death. I am going to salvage lots of basil before it totally dies though! A bottle of wine in the park sounds fab.. I’m making some sangria to enjoy outside this weekend!

  3. carascravings

    I adore Indian food!
    My husband and I went out and had some last night…yummers!
    But Korean food is now at the top of my list when it comes to foreign foods.

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