A Fairy Godmother

After my post yesterday, I was pondering my favorite children’s books, and I realized I should have been more thoughtful with my choices. I left out The Lady with the Alligator Purse and the Amelia Bedelia Books and all of the Nancy Drew mystery books! As you can tell, you can NEVER asked me to choose my favorite books (see my Book Club page —def some overflow beyond the Top 10…). They are all my favorites!

So, on with life. Yesterday after a breakfast of overnight oats, some fruit, and a delicious iced coffee, I prepared myself for a day full of football. (Notice the use of the European term ‘football’! I need to go back to America!) USA vs. Algeria. Germany vs. Ghana. Here is a wonderful picture of my German spirit. I know what you are thinking: “Can she stop talking about the World Cup?” Only 2 more weeks I promise! You should all watch and be excited with me!

Check out those suspenders! Courtesy of my friend Dorothy!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Pre-football morning:

I visited my godmother in her studio. She has The Coolest Job EVER. She does painting restoration. Is there a term for that? Restorator? Oh-uh, my computer just underlined that in red. I guess it’s not a word… Anywho, she has restored paintings as fantastic as Antoine Watteau‘s work! She had to transport one of his most famous images from Berlin to NYC, where she was escorted by security because the painting was so valuable! Almost like the life of a celebrity! Her studio is fabulous.

This is just the courtyard, but (even though the lighting isn’t stellar) isn’t it pretty? It was made for a community of artists in 1889 so they could all work in an inspiring environment. I forgot to take a picture of the inside, but I will try to do it next time I go because I want to share its wonderfulness with you! Today she was working on a painting that was done by a friend of Paul Klee‘s. It’s times like this where I wish I could draw. Or have a cool job like that. Or know what I want to do with my life at all. Does anyone else have these issues?

For lunch I had the remains of my chicken curry, which unfortunately was not that much. But as it turns out, that was good, because my afternoon turned out to be fairly unhealthy and calorie filled! But hey, it happens, right? I headed to a beer garden near my university to watch the US-Algeria game with one of my American friends! (How cool is it that the universities here not only serve alcohol in their cafeterias, but basically have a beer garden on campus!?) We scored the winning goal in overtime, courtesy of Landon Donovan! This means we move on and even ended this round better than England! Here I quenched my thirst with two small Radler, the most amazing German invention. Beer and sprite. It sounds strange you say? Trust me. A-ma-zing.

After a quick ‘costume’ change, I joined German friends at a Mexican restaurant for the next game! A fajita later I was ready to watch Germany pull off a big win!

It was a lot, so I could only eat about half, which was probably a good thing because my tummy is never happy when I eat too many onions. My favorite part were the tomatoes! Don’t they look yummy?

Unfortunately I had to wait quite a while for just one goal to be scored in the game, the winning goal I may add, but my boys just didn’t pull it off the way they should have. Good thing I had a Mango Colada to tie me over. No worries, the other drink is my friend’s mojito!

Do you know what I really miss about the US though? Crushed ice! Because all though this was quite tasty, any kind of colada is better with crushed ice, not ice cubes!

Now big rivalry against England on Sunday. This will be tough. But I think we can all agree that I had a pretty successful night.

I apologize in advance for all of my football talk, but I have to let out my passion somewhere! And it’s only every four years for four weeks! I promise! As a treat for listening to my rants I had some really fun videos of drunk Germans singing in the subway and cars honking after the win, but I can’t upload them 😦 If I figure out how, I will def share them with you!

Lot’s of love from across the pond!

PS Thank you so much to my good friend Megan who gave my blog a shout out on hers! She officially has me hooked on overnight oats and almond butter!


2 responses to “A Fairy Godmother

  1. Amelia Bedelia was the bomb! I read one of those books the other day when I was babysitting. And I still need to make your chicken curry! This weekend I will. Your mango colada looks so yummy. When you return let’s have a beer + sprite together!! Oh and thank you for the shoutout. =D
    Love/miss you!!

  2. I’m living vicariously through you…I miss Germany so much…we lived there when I was younger and it was such fun! I then got to visit during high school again, but haven’t been back since then!

    Your godmother’s job sounds AWESOME! Wow!

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