Berlin By Bike

Good morning loves! I hope you all have wonderful Tuesdays. I’m about to hop off to class. (And by hope I mean walk to the subway, hop on that, ride for 15 minutes, and then walk as slowly as I can to class, just because that gives me the feeling that I don’t have to go… good tactic?)

How sad was the Switzerland-Chile game last night? And what was wrong with the referee! Nine yellow cards and one red red for the Swiss! The refs this year are crazy! Are the players not aloud to foul at all without getting a yellow card anymore?! But congrats to Portugal on a 7:0 win against N. Korea. World Cup goal-making record! But that poor, poor goalie. That must really suck.

Yesterday I had a very depressing revelation. While this time last year I could run for an hour or more and still have power to go longer, I now run for 15 or 20 minutes (if even that much!) and I am completely out of breath! When did this happen? What happened to going-to-the-gym-or-running-outside-daily Vicky? She’s gone! I guess that’s what eight months of moving from college to New York City to Berlin does to you. No more gym membership, and the difficulty of finding good places to run. In New York it wasn’t even that bad, but I feel like no one in Germany runs! I always get stares when I jog down the street! How do they stay fit, I want to know!

Biking. It’s true. They bike everywhere. My godmother lives in Berlin, and she gave me her old bike, and I have come to a conclusion. I LOVE biking. To the grocery store, to class, to a museum, to my friends’ apartments, to a coffee shop. You get it. Biking is my new love. And consequently I have decided to take my bike to college again AND take spinning classes. Does anyone else go to spinning class? What’s the consensus: love or loathe? (When Germans go to the gym, they go in polo shirts and nice shorts! I went once with my cousin and felt like I was the only one sweating! They all seemed too proper and good-looking to be at a gym!)

About three or four weeks ago I went on a 75+ mile bike tour with my aunt and cousin along the Elbe in eastern Germany. Let me tell you one thing: my butt was s-o-r-e after the second day. Biking around Berlin is NOT the same as biking non stop for most of the day for two days! It’s crazy though, how different the eastern Germany still is from the west, even after 11 years of reunification!

My cousin showing the route! It doesn’t look like a long distance on the map, but it was!

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

My aunt and me crossing the Elbe with the forgotten castle of Coswig in the background

The original Bauhaus in Dessau

And just a tip from me to you: if you are planning on biking or backpacking, especially around smaller towns like we did, look into more local places to stay! For example, who knew that you could actually spend the night in the Bauhaus in Dessau or the Weltrad Manufaktur (World Bike Manufacture) in Schoenebeck! Awesome people and definitely a once in a life time thing, unless you plan on doing the same trip again!

Now, before I forget, I have to tell you about my dinner last night: Chicken Curry! From one of the anti-cancer cook books! Delicious!

Here is the recipe:

4 whole chicken breasts (I try to get organic when possible)

2 tablespoons olive oil

3 cloves of garlic

four shallots, sliced (I usually use 3 because it gets a little too onion-y for me, but that is def up to you!)

2 teaspoons of curry powder (I go a little crazy with my curry and usually do 4 or more!)

1 teaspoon of ground turmeric

2 tablespoons fish sauce

2 tablespoons brown sugar (I usually use algave nectar instead!)

500 mL of coconut milk (I usually use the ‘light’ kind—you can also mix this with normal milk or water if you want a little less coconut taste)

freshly ground pepper / salt for seasoning

(If you like it spicy, use spicy curry or add some chile powder!)


It’s so easy to prepare and takes no time at all to cook! I always mix the EVOO, the turmeric, and the pepper together first, because I’ve read that the turmeric releases all it’s good qualities when mixed with oil and pepper!

Then I add the shallots and garlic, let it sit on medium heat for a while, and then add all of the other ingredients.

Usually I put the chicken in last. Also, garlic peeling tip: apparently the goodness of garlic comes out if you crack it slightly and let it sit for ten minutes before peeling it. (I couldn’t figure out a better way to put it, but by cracking it, just use the flat side of your knife and press down on the garlic so that it opens  a little bit! Then let it sit for about 10 minutes (you can prepare the shallots during this time) and ta da!) Let it all simmer in the pan until the chicken is done! Then enjoy it with some basmati rice if you so desire!

Okay, this isn’t the most stellar pic, but I promise it’s tasty!

For desert I had  a very yummy Allos bar. It was from the organic super market that is in the bottom floor of my building! Very handy! I got the hazelnut flavor, but they also had cashew and blueberry. Perfect to satisfy my after-dinner sweet tooth. Do you have a favorite bar that you would recommend for me to try when I get back to the States?

Bye from (finally) sunny Berlin!

PS Since I am new to the bloggy-blog world, can anyone tell me why my name doesn’t appear as a link when I comment on blogs? Thanks!


3 responses to “Berlin By Bike

  1. The scenery looks beautiful!
    I can only imagine how sore you must have been after that bike ride….way to go!

  2. LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! That curry also sounds so amazing I can almost taste it!

  3. Vicky!!! I did not know you were a part of the blogosphere now!! totes following you, boo. and also…I LOVE CHICKEN CURRY. I might just force my mommy to make me some tomorrow night.

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