Presenting Crown Princess Victoria

Does anyone else have mixed feelings about Sundays? I guess in the summer it’s not so bad, unless you are working, or going to class like me…

I had a wonderful breakfast this morning, but before I start with that, let me rewind to dinner last night.

I had a very relaxing me-night! After so much World Cup partying, it was a nice change of pace 🙂 For dinner? Fresh wild salmon on spinach and pappardelle pasta! Def a favorite. Salmon is so easy to cook (and full of very necessary omega-3 that is good against preventing colon, prostate, and breast cancer!). I usually sauté half an onion and a clove of garlic in a pan for 3-4 minutes on medium high heat. During that time I flavor my piece of salmon with my favorite herbs that I use for almost everything, herbs de provence, and some garlic powder, and salt and pepper. Then I just place the salmon in the pan, put a lid on the pan (preferably a see-through glass one) and cook it for approx four minutes (depending on how large of a piece of salmon you have) and then turn off the heat. The trick here is that the salmon, with the trapped heat, still cooks, but it makes it less dry and even yummier! When the whole thing looks pink, just cut into the thickest part to see if it to your liking, and presto, you have yourself some salmon! And the pasta is self-explanatory. I actually try to always eat whole-wheat pasta now, but pappardelle are my favorite and they were laughing at me in the supermarket, so I decided to splurge.

And Ta DA! The finished meal! I decided to add some pfifferlinge, I think in English they are called chanterelles, into the pan with the salmon for some extra flavor and because I love them, and they are hard to find fresh in the States. (They are usually only carried dried, and are, in my experience, way more expensive than here!) The salmon was pretty big, so I saved half for tonight!

And while I was devouring that delishhh meal, I was watching, what else (no, for once not the World Cup, although that did come a bit later!), but the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden to the love of her life, her former personal trainer (who would have thought?!) Daniel Westling. I want a love story like that! And a wedding! (Are my chances better since we have the same name?) It was gorgeous and heart felt and not over the top (for a royal wedding, that is)! And since I can’t resist giving you a little history of their romance: At first Victoria’s father wasn’t at all satisfied with the relationship (they had been dating for a year before anyone found out) because he was a man from a simple background, but he finally came around. Then Daniel got sick and had to have a kidney transplant. Now, finally, many years later, they are married! So my night was filled with the haute société of Europe. Wonderful. Maybe I’ll meet a prince some day… isn’t that every little girl’s dream? What fairy tale prince was your favorite?

Can they get any cuter? The train of her dress was five meters long!

Okay, I think I’ve been jealous of royalty enough for today. So now to my breakfast! I have to say before I go on, that I usually try not to go to Starbucks when there are cute European cafes I can go to, BUT the internet in my apartment isn’t working, and Starbucks always has free internet. So here I am. Is it weird that all of the snacks here look  a lot healthier than in the States? I had my typical drink, non-fat tall chai tea latte with my favorite type of breakfast: bircher muesli. It is a combination of oats, apple slices, yogurt, raisins (which I pick out), and some other grains and it is delisshhh. I forgot my camera so here is my attempt at taking a pic with my computer camera…

and so that you can take a closer look…

Have you ever noticed that certain fast food or coffee chains that are from the US are better outside of the US?

Either I’ll spend the rest of the day looking at blogs writing papers, or going to the Pergamonmuseum. It’s a little cloudy so maybe writing papers would be a good idea for today…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

PS an ‘about me’ little side note!: My mom is fluent in English and has no accent, my dad has a little mixture of a German and British accent. Still, when I was growing up, both of my parents always said salmon and pronounced the silent L. So for years I said saLmon. My friends always thought it was funny!


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