Just Something Extra

Hello loves!

An extra post today, as I thought I would add a detailed sequence of events for you in pictures, so you could see how the atmosphere in Germany changed throughout the day. It was crazy how many Germany flags, necklaces, and tutting horns in schwarz, rot, gold there were on my way to the public viewing. Just imagine what is is like at a big college football or basketball game (say, maybe in the league of a Duke-Carolina rivalry) but then imagine a whole country in that kind of a spirit. But unfortunately, no matter how festive we dressed, Germany was, unexpectedly and with a few yellow cards too many, defeated by Serbia. Who knew that the Serbians were so good at football/soccer?

1) On the way to the game! Look at all the festivity! (mood: awesome!)

2) German Flags in South Africa while singing the National Anthem (mode: still excited and full of hopeful anticipation)

3) I thought they were funny and portrayed the spirit of the beach public viewing place very well. Sorry for the somewhat blurry quality! (mood: filled with beer, making the clothing so much more acceptable!)4) Frustration starts… (note the guy on the left but also the girl, very small, to the right with the german-flag bunny ears. That was def a fave of the day) (mood: Lucas Podolski just missed the 11 meter shot)

5) And Serbian flags fly high in Berlin (mood: apparently good for the Serbians…)

But after such a disappointing game, I was very pleased when America came back in the second half (it was 0:2 for Slovenia) of their game and scored three goals! Despite the fact that the ref decided that the last goal didn’t count because a player was offsides, which has been proven by replays wasn’t the case and that it was in fact a fair goal, I am proud of my American Boys!

And since you just had to sit through my ranting, I will share with you my newly created window-art!

Have a wonderful weekend!

PS Algeria just tied with England! Unexpected happiness to end the day!


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