’54, ’74, ’90, 2010

Is there something you look forward to more than anything else? Summer vacation? Reading through the stack of books that has been on your nightstand for three years (not referring to my nightstand at all…)? Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or wedding?

Well, if you are a true German, as I occasionally consider myself to be, you look forward to the World Cup. And friends, in case you’ve missed the hype let me be the first to tell you, another World Cup summer has arrived! In 2006 I was in Italy when Germany played the Italians in the semi finals, and when, unfortunately, Italy went on to win the cup. Needless to say, despite my endless love for Italy, my efforts at learning la bella lingua italiana, and my desire to live there one day like Frances Mayes, I am not rooting for them this year. But naturally I am 100% for TEAM USA! (and Switzerland, since I went to boarding school there in 10th grade!)

I hope that the US gets far this year because it would be great if Americans got really involved with the World Cup. As an underdog in the competition, I want them to show the other teams that they are a country to reckon with! Who is your fav team? Is it your home country or a team you think will win?

And as for Germany, those boys are unstoppable! World Cup summers are like any other in Germany. Since the World Cup took place in Germany in 2006, Germans have united as a country like never before. I think this is really great, because there is nothing in their past that allows them to do that. I think that even the younger generations still suffer, to an extent, from their country’s past. While American’s unite over, well, being Americans (because let’s face it, American patriotism is unlike any other and I love it!), Germans have no such thing that defines them in a positive light (unless you think of Beer, Bratwurst, and Lederhosen, in which case I would have to argue the real definition of being German with you). So seeing German flags hanging from balconies is a sign that the World Cup is here! And it’s wonderful!


Okay, the time is ticking and the Germany vs. Serbia game is at 13:30! Followed by the US vs. Slovenia game at 16:00! Who’s watching!?

With love from a country filled with World-Cup-Fever!

PS: the dates in the title are Germany’s winning years! (Let’s hope that holds true for 2010!)


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