Ich bin ein Berliner(?)

photo: Der Reichstag, Berlin, Germany

11 weeks down, 4 to go. I can’t believe my semester in Berlin is almost over! When I first arrived in Berlin, I didn’t quite know what to think. I was coming straight from an internship in New York City, which I loved, and that experience had me coming to Berlin with different expectations. Most cities in Germany are beautiful because they still have the “Altstadt” or Old City, with the modern city built around it. Berlin, however, was so destroyed in World War Two, and had to be rebuilt so quickly (and cheaply), that many of the buildings are ugly, and most of the old-charm of the city is gone. (If you look at pictures comparing the city then and the city it is almost unbelievable how much has been done, and how the city has been able to come such a powerful, successful city again.) Have you ever been abroad? If so where? Would you recommend anything for me to do while I’m still here?!

The old buildings that remain, however, add a wonderful flavor to the city. And Berlin is a fabulous place for young people. Great museums, for those of us, like me, who love artwork and the likes, and universities, parks, and bars and clubs. And not to mention the World Cup energy flooding every street. After ten weeks of rain and clouds, it seems like even the weather has picked up the energy of the people! Tomorrow afternoon I’m off to a public viewing of the Germany vs. Serbia game! There is nothing like friends and some good German beer to hopefully celebrate another German victory! (4:0 vs Australia!)


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